Tuition and Fees  

2019-20 Academic Year

Grade Tuition Full Payment Bi-Annual Monthly Supply Technology Enrollment Fees
Through 2/1/19 After 2/1/19
2-day P3 $2,910 $2,852 $1,455 $243 $225 $0 $275 $375
3-day P4 $3,680 $3,606 $1,840 $307 $225 $0 $275 $375
5-day P3 / P4 $4,745 $4,650 $2,373 $396 $225 $0 $275 $375
Kindergarten $6,390 $6,263 $3,195 $533 $275 $0 $400 $525
1st - 5th Grades $8,085 $7,924 $4,043 $674 $275 $250 $400 $525
6th - 8th Grades $9,985 $9,786 $4,993 $832 $275 $250 $400 $525


Application Fee | $75 | a one-­time payment required for each new student application
Supply Fee* | $225 Preschool, $275 K-8 | annual payment per student used for initial classroom supplies, yearbook, and school pictures
Technology Fee* | $250 | annual payment per 1st -­ 8th grade students that is used for advanced technology equipment, resources, and software in the classroom

* notates fees that qualify for payment plan schedule 

Payment Plan Schedule

Our school utilizes the services of FACTS to process tuition payments and registration fees. Families may pay qualifying charges on an annual, bi-annual, or monthly payment schedule. 

Financial Assistance & Discounts

Tuition Assistance | Limited tuition assistance funds are available each school year. Families in need of tuition assistance should complete an application with FACTS, our outside sourcing group. FACTS treats each situation individually, and while not providing a singular threshold for qualification based on income, the process will consider expenses and special circumstances in order to make a confidential recommendation for assistance. Before a tuition assistance application will be considered, a CCS enrollment application and contract must be in place and applicable fees paid. The tuition assistance committee will meet to review recommendations by FACTS. The members of the tuition assistance review committee are not publicized. Tuition assistance review begins in early May, so parents are encouraged to complete applications to FACTS by April 1. Late applications are considered if funds are available. Emergency tuition assistance funds are reserved for rare and extreme circumstances. The Elizabeth M. Irby Scholarship has been established and is administered through the FACTS tuition assistance process.

Multiple Student Discount | Families with four or more children in Preschool -­ 8th grade may receive a discount on tuition and a cap on enrollment fees. Please contact the Admissions Director for more information.

The Elizabeth M. Irby Scholarship

This scholarship has been established to honor the late Mrs. Elizabeth M. Irby and to provide a Christ­centered, excellent education to students who, without the scholarship, would not have the opportunity for such an education. Financial eligibility is established through the application process to Christ Covenant School and to FACTS, an outside sourcing group verifying financial need. Families who display the ability to pay half tuition or more are not eligible for The Elizabeth M. Irby Scholarship but may be considered through the school’s regular application and tuition assistance process. The FACTS application fee of $30 is paid by each family applying.

The Elizabeth M. Irby Scholarship covers the following fees: Application, Contract, Supply, and Technology, as well as up to 100% tuition. Not included are $30 FACTS application Fee, any extra curricular activities or sports fees, lunches, transportation, any selected school trip costs, any additional school supplies, uniforms, and other incidental/optional costs. Recipients of this scholarship and any tuition assistance at CCS are invited to shop for free in our uniform closet to see if any of their uniform needs can be met before purchases are made. CCS also hosts a used uniform sale at the end of the year, which allows for the sale and purchase of uniforms at half price. (Note: should a student not be financially eligible for The Elizabeth M. Irby Scholarship and wish to go through the regular admission and/or tuition assistance process, the regular fee schedule should be consulted.)

Requirements for admission to CCS include: at least one parent must profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and be able to give testimony to such; at least one parent must be a member in good standing of a local church and provide a pastoral letter of reference; at least one parent must be in agreement with our Statement of Faith; the student’s academic success and behavioral good standing from the former school(s) must be evident; admission testing must indicate potential success in our academic environment.

To qualify for The Elizabeth M. Irby Scholarship in subsequent years, the student must maintain a B average overall with no D’s or F’s on the final report card. The student and the family must abide by policies and procedures, display success at Christ Covenant School, and remain financially eligible through FACTS application process (repeated annually).

It is a great pleasure to partner with the Elizabeth M. Irby Foundation to make this opportunity available in our community. We look forward to the blessings of an excellent, Christ­-centered education for the recipients and their families. To apply, please call 601-­978-2272 to speak to our Admissions Director or Financial Secretary, and complete Admissions and FACTS applications.