Student Support Services

We are pleased to offer our lower school students academic support through our Learning Lab and our middle school students academic support through our Directed Studies. Both of these programs are designed to provide academic support that can assist students with professionally diagnosed learning differences. 

Program Application Process

Parents with students who may qualify for either program may follow the regular admissions process. We encourage you to ask questions about these services during your campus tour if you believe your child may benefit from these programs. Additionally, we ask for parents to provide all previous standardized tests, report cards, and psycho-educational evaluations during the Admissions process to ensure our programs can best position your child for success. 

Learning Lab Services

Dyslexia Services & Support

We are proud to employ a licensed Dyslexia Therapist on our Student Support Services Team. To assist our students with a mild to moderate dyslexia diagnoses, Replacement Reading and Academic Support are available when enrolled in our Learning Lab program.

Replacement Reading is a program meets 50 minutes a day, 5 days a week. This program is geared for dyslexia diagnosed students who benefit from intense reading instruction. Academic Support is a program that allows the student to take some or all of their classroom assessments with the Academic Support teacher.

Kinder Learning Lab

Early intervention is key to ensure a child’s future academic success. Our Student Support Service department partners with our Kindergarten Faculty and parents to assess possible learning differences for students who may experience challenges in processing language throughout their Kindergarten year.

First through Fifth Grade Learning Labs

Our First, Second, and Third Grade Learning Labs offers two programs to qualifying students, Replacement Reading and Academic Support. Our Fourth and Fifth Grade Learning Lab students are offered the opportunity to enroll in Academic Support. 

Directed Studies Services

Directed Studies is available to our middle school students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades who need extra support in study skills, test taking, time management, organization, and homework. This program is offered as an elective divided by grade, and exists to meet the needs of students who have a professionally diagnosed learning difference, mainly mild to moderate dyslexia. To provide the optimal level of support, there is a cap of five students per grade. Please inquire of availability during your Admissions process.