Spring Swing

Our annual spring semester fundraiser for our Preschool & Lower School students in the school gym where students participate in playing putt putt golf and earning rewards based on sponsorships collected. Volunteers are needed to assist with sending the school-wide mailout, prepare the participant goody bags, help on the day of the event and on Rewards Day.

Our 2019 Spring Swing is held on April 16 & 17th. Rewards Day is on Wednesday, May 1st. The deadline for securing sponsors for Rewards Day is Wednesday, May 1st.

Student Sponsorship Totals last updated on 4/30/19

$75 Student Reward Level

Zoie Johnson
Campbell Laird
Eli Maddox
Abe Maddox
Maisie McDaniel
Evelyn O’Mara
Briley Kate Pettway
Colton Pettway
Marshall Rowland
Caroline Rowland
Anna Claire Rowland
Grace Watkins

Emma Carter
Eli Eaton
Jake Goldman
Graham Goldman
Brooks Hassell
Lee Alston Hassell
Olivia Hembree
Isabell Herring
Harper Herring
Julia Herring
John Harmon Ingram
Parker Ingram

$150 Student Reward Level

Samuel Lewis 
Leighton Lewis 
Emily O'Mara 
Bre'Kiyah Pernell 
Betsy Perkins 
Ester Primos
Peter Primos 
Rowland Primos 
Garon Quick 
McKenna Rhodes
Piper Rhodes
Cooper Smith 
Beckett Strong 
Lilla Strong 

Elias Blanco
Lucas Blanco
Kate Callen 
Freeman Callen 
Celie Estess
Ben Gamblin 
Parker Gamblin
Ridge Gamblin 
Caroline Gentry 
Addyson Goodwin
Hayes Grenfell
Libby Grenfell
Sam Hutchinson
Lucy Jones
Jane Helen Jones

$200 Student Reward Level

Chris Hanes 
Katie Margaret Hanes 
Louis Hill
Bentley James
Keneryly James
Finley King 
Luke Lee 
David Lee
Cal Lloyd
Molly Marshall 
Taylor Marshall 
Avery McDonald
Charlotte McMaster 
Livie McMaster
Mallory Montgomery 
Ann Elise Pepper
Olivia Price 
Fiona Randle 
Reed Rideout 
Elizabeth Saucier 
William Spivey 
Will White 
Walker Werne 
Barham Whitehead
Bennett Wineman 
Colter Wineman 
Catherine Wood 

Ariel Arrington 
Adrianna Ash
Abigal Austin
Daphney Baker 
Stephen Becking 
JD Becking 
Maley Grace Boyanton 
Maxim Burgess
Avery Byrd
Britton Byrd
Emma Carlisle 
Royal Catchings
Ben Chapman
Motte Davis
Kyle Douglas 
Ella Douglas 
Banks Eaton 
Hayes Eaton 
Evie Edgar
Riley Edwards 
Drew Edwards
Porter Emrich 
Davis Emrich
Eli Emrich 
Ross Estess
Addison Gardner
Charles Grenfell 
Seth Grenfell 
Hudson Griffin 
Patrick Hamilton 

Top 3 fundraising Classes

  1. Mrs. Farrar

  2. Mrs. Brown

  3. Mrs. Primos

Top 18 student fundraisers

10. Ann Elise Pepper

11. Maley Grace Boyanton

12. Maxim Burgess

13. Mallory Montgomery

14. Louis Hill

15. Abigail Austin

16. Finley King

17. Royal Catchings

18. Luke Lee & David Lee

  1. Olivia Price

  2. Adrianna Ash

  3. Riley Edwards

  4. Drew Edwards

  5. Motte Davis

  6. Patrick Hamilton

  7. Seth Grenfell

  8. Emmaline Dendinger

  9. Charles Grenfell

Preschool Student Participants

Parker Hembree
Lucy McDonald 
Amelia Bello Ortiz
Victoria Silvio 
Ethan Vaughan
Grayleigh Winford
Grace Anne White

William Bethany 
Tyler Chester 
Addison Combest 
Jacob Craig 
Emily Darsey
Helen Darsey
Emmaline Dendinger 
Kimberlee Funches
Everett Golson