We must remember that intelligence is not enough.
Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Biblical worldview is the foundation for every class, activity, sport, and function at our school. It is common to see one of our math teachers integrate Christian principles in her class by describing our Creator as the chief architect of order, or to hear one of our history teachers explaining the providence of God in the study of His church in a particular time and place. Likewise, it is natural for administrators, teachers, and staff to speak to parents, students, and supporters at any Christ Covenant event of our faith in, and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. We aren't perfect; we make mistakes. We are in fact, sinners in need of a Savior- and that too is part of what it means to live out of, and teach out of a biblical worldview. It is understanding and believing that Jesus Christ is our chief cornerstone, our bread, our life- not just in bible class, but in every area of life.

Our curriculum is not simply a textbook full of facts. It is a rich, disciplined instructional process that strives to offer opportunities for discovery, personal development, and growth. Our curriculum is challenging, engaging, and recognizes the value in the uniqueness of each individual student.

Our curricular approach seeks to develop the mind and challenge the heart by fostering a learning environment that values intellect and instills biblical values. 


The Art Department continues to foster knowledgeable young artists. We are proud to have many young artists winning competitions on the district and state level. We are continually developing this aspect of fine arts at CCS. The fine arts are also highlighted in some of our special chapels, including drama, ballet, and music, as well as in opportunities for instrument lessons in music through our Outback program. Our Music department continues to develop our annual productions and gives your child the unique opportunity to participate in class plays as well as introducing students to different types of music, musical instruments, music history, and music as a means to glorify God.

Middle School students experience a wide range of artistic disciplines including music class with an end of the year music program, chapel worship team, drum line, theater class that includes a theater production, art classes that include school-wide art shows as well as district and state competitions. In addition, students are exposed to other artistic disciplines, and given even more opportunities to express themselves artistically, both within the school, on mission, and for the benefit of their families.


6th Grade Bible: This course is designed to be an introduction to the entire Bible and its focal point - the Lord Jesus Christ. Our goal is to see the “big picture” of the Bible as we trace the major contours of its storyline from Genesis to Revelation. The story begins with God’s people living in God’s place under the rule of God’s King. Sin ruined our relationship with God, each other, and His world, and led ultimately to exile and death. However, God promised to send a Savior to rescue His people, judge His enemies, and reverse the curse of the Fall. And over the course of the year we will see how the Lord fulfilled this great promise!

7th Grade Bible: This course introduces students to foundational Christian doctrines as outline in Wayne Grudem’s Christian Beliefs, which is a condensation of his larger Systematic Theology. Over the course of the year we will explore critical questions, such as what is the Bible? What is the Trinity? What is prayer? What is man? What is sin? Who is Christ? What is justification? What is the church?  What is death? What will happen when Christ returns? In many respects, the Grudem text is merely a jumping off point: we will spend most of our time in the Bible. Furthermore, we will supplement our class text with readings from Augustine, Aquinas, Martin Luther,  J. C. Ryle, J. I. Packer, and others. We will conclude the course by exploring basic Christian doctrine in narrative form as we study John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress together.

8th Grade Bible: The purpose of this course is to help students construct a Biblical Worldview based on the great biblical themes of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation. In the first quarter students will delve deeply into Genesis 1-3 to examine the Bible’s foundational teaching on God, creation, man, gender, work, morality, sexuality, marriage, sin (and its effects), death, and the hope of salvation. In the second quarter students will compare and contrast the Biblical teaching on these critical subjects to other worldview paradigms, such as deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, new age spirituality, and Islam. The third quarter will be devoted to apologetics. Students will be exposed to some of the most common objections to the faith and learn to respond to them with truth and love. In the final quarter of the year students will look at the Christian worldview from “the other side,” so-to-speak, as we study C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters together.

Apologetics Topics
8th Grade Bible

·       Is the Bible trustworthy?

·       What is the fate of those who never hear the gospel?

·       Aren’t all religions equally true?

·       Aren’t all religions equally false?

·       Hasn’t science disproven Christianity?

·       Isn’t faith irrational?

·       How can you be sure Christ rose from the dead?

·       The Problem of Christian divisions

·       The Problem of Hypocrisy

·       The Problem of Evil

·       I don’t need no religion!

·       The Church is responsible for so much injustice

·       How can a loving God send anyone to hell?


CCS students grow in knowledge of our ever-changing world; it's geography, our country, and its leaders. Living History Days are tremendous learning opportunities for students in Lower School to have a first-hand experience with a time period they have studied. They also have opportunities to extend topics of study through local field trips including the Old Capitol Museum in Jackson and the World War II Museum in New Orleans. Middle School students extend their studies on out-of-state trips, such as the Huntsville Space Center, the New Orleans World War II Museum, Mammoth Cave & Creation Museum and even Washington, D.C. To see history through a biblical worldview is to better understand God’s ever unfolding plan for us. 


Along with producing students with strong literacy skills, we are committed to training our students to be capable of complex mathematical thinking resulting from a true conceptual understanding of math. A concepts-based curriculum where students grasp the concepts of mathematical problem-solving serves students better than a procedure-oriented curriculum where students only memorize steps for a test. Our elementary program, Math Connects, is a nationally-normed program consistent with accepted math standards that are reflected in our achievement testing. This curriculum uses manipulative resources to allow students to touch and see math as the concepts are solidifying in their minds. Teachers add Biblical integration to produce Christian worldview thinkers. In addition to this program, teachers incorporate speed drills for fast recall of facts. Classroom computer programs also offer a fun practice and review dimension to our math curriculum.

Middle School students continue a vigorous pursuit of mathematical thinking with texts vertically-aligned with Math Connects. Seventh and eighth grade students have the opportunity to pursue an advanced course if math is an area of strength. Both levels of classes are designed to fully equip students for success in their High School years. Middle School students can also participate in the First Lego League, a national robotics competition which uses Lego Mindstorms NXT kits, as well as experiment in design via several 3-D printers.

Physical Education

All students have time to be children through playing and being outside. We believe it is important for our students to exercise, and to enjoy physical fitness opportunities on a daily basis. Students in Preschool, Kindergarten, and First grade attend Kids in Motion, an innovative PE program focusing on fine motor and gross motor skill development in young children. Our Second through Fifth Grade students have scheduled PE & Recess times. Elementary students may also participate in Warrior Wake Up, an optional program which meets before school and is based on research that indicates physical movement in the morning is related to increased mental clarity and long term academic success. Older Lower School students and all Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of up to 10 organized sports. Middle School students may also choose an athletics elective for any trimester. 

Language Arts

Christ Covenant School offers a full language arts program, which includes phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, Greek and Latin roots word study, fluency, comprehension, grammar, handwriting, and composition. We also focus on the development of deep thinking and oral communication skills. Our language arts program utilizes excellent resources that have been thoughtfully and carefully meshed for the benefit of each student and the school. Like any school of rigor, we add our own unique components as we work to diligently construct and maintain an excellent design. Our desire is to challenge students to read fluently, comprehend deeply, think critically, and write effectively.

Complementary additions to our curriculum include our beautifully-appointed library with over 5,000 titles, the teaching of library and research skills, and incorporation of multiple styles of book reports. We also utilize the Reading Counts software, a computerized comprehension quizzes and points accumulation, SRA reading labs in each classroom, and purposeful summer reading, all of which can be of particular help in meeting needs of both the challenged and accelerated readers.


Teaching students to think scientifically while thinking biblically is essential, yet unique, to the Christ-centered approach to education. Our text, CSI Science, is packed with demonstrations, experiments, and the wonder of scientific discovery. Our science lab on wheels has it all: water, electricity, microscopes with prepared slides, models, and much more. It has been wonderful to watch the piqued interest of our students and to hear how many have claimed science as a favorite subject. All students have access to our well-appointed science lab on the third floor, whether it's through our exciting Super Science weekly labs for Lower School or Middle School Science classes. 

Lower School students enjoy an extention of their topics of study with local field trips, such as one to the Petrified Forest or Natural History Museum. Middle School students travel to the New Orleans Insectarium & Aquarium.

Fifth grade students go to the moon! Well, not really, but the simulator feels like it. This excellent trip to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, is a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn from NASA trained specialists. Moms and Dads, we also have plenty of room for many of you to join us, too.

All students work throughout the different growing seasons in our school Educational Garden. From planting to harvesting, cooking, and eating, our students are taught the importance and origin of our vegetables.


Our Technology program thrives with its use of Chromebook carts for instruction. CCS also utilizes projectors in the classrooms for teacher integration of technology, as well as other technology equipment including Mimio, Smart Board, Elmo devices, and Teaching Microscopes, which all contribute to state-of-the-art technology tools that help bringing learning to life.

CCS utilizes a live curriculum in our computer classes, as opposed to a textbook or published curriculum. Student learning includes applications such as tracking plant growth on Excel, book reports on Power Point, academic newsletters on Publisher, graphing weather systems, enhancing reports with computer graphics, and much more.

Seventh and Eighth grade students receive a school issued Chromebook to use throughout the year on school assignments, online reports, research papers, and more.